Marco Ramponi


I am a research scientist and educator with background in mathematics and machine learning. More info on my LinkedIn page.

Research papers

Freely available preprint versions on the arXiv

4M. Ramponi, A note on Nikulin surfaces and their moduli spaces

Mathematische Zeitschrift, 295, 761–774(2020)

3M. Ramponi, Special divisors on curves on K3 surfaces carrying an Enriques involution

Manuscripta Mathematica, 153(1), 315-322(2017)

2M. Ramponi, Gonality and Clifford index of curves on elliptic K3 surfaces with Picard number two

Archiv der Mathematik, 106(4), 355-362(2016)

1M. Ramponi, Clifford index and gonality of curves on special K3 surfaces

Doctoral Thesis - University of Poitiers (2017)